Information for Marshals of 2021 rallies

13th February 2021

Information for Marshals of 2021 rallies - Derbyshire Caravan Club News

Welcome to the 2021 season of the Derbyshire Centre of the Caravan and Motorhome Club

Thank you for agreeing to marshal a rally this year.  Your Committee has been working hard and listening to your requests for rally venues, themes etc.  This year there are a few changes that you need to be aware of when planning and preparing for your rally.   

You can read the full version here on this page, or you can download a copy using the "Download News Attachment" button, at the bottom of this page.  

Although you are all aware of the spacing requirements for rallies, I will just remind everyone of the following;

  • there are guidelines and measuring tapes in all rally kits to assist you in your spacing
  • the spacing rules also apply to the location of the caravan/motorhome in relation to the minimum distance from buildings as well as other living units, ie 6 metres minimum

The monies for catering and prizes is no longer included in the rally fee. The reason for this is that the money is not always used, and therefore should be entered back to the Centre as a donation. So, rather than leave the money in the rally fee, it was felt that if individual Marshals wanted money to put on social catering etc, then this will need to be charged separately by the Marshals as ralliers arrive on site. An example of this would be say that a hotdog supper arranged as part of the social event, and an appropriate charge, per unit or person to cover costs would be applied on arrival.

The rules for free marshal places will remain the same as last year and details can be seen on the Centre Balance Sheet that is filled in at the end of each rally. They are as follows;

  • If the landowner agrees to 2 free Marshals places, this is shown on the balance sheet and no Marshals fees need collecting. If social fees are collected, the Marshals social fees to be paid by the Marshals, (applies to all scenarios)
  • If the landowner agrees to only one free Marshals place, this is shown on the balance sheet and the Centre will subsidise the other free marshals fee to the landowner. Therefor no Marshals fees need collecting and one Marshal site night fees to be added to landowner payment
  • If the landowner will not agree to give any free Marshals places, this should be shown on the balance sheet. One Marshals fee should be collected and the Centre will subsidise one free Marshals place. The two landowner fees for the Marshals should be paid with the ralliers fees Therefore, if there are two Marshals, an agreement to share the cost of one rally fee should be entered and one full fee should show on the balance sheet.

From 2018, a reward scheme has been in place to give something back to our regular ralliers. Although the payments for the scheme will not be given until the AGM rally, you may at some point be handed £5 reward vouchers as part payment for a rally fee. This should be entered onto the balance sheet, and the voucher sent with the accounts to the Treasurer. There are also vouchers for second time ralliers and competition winners.

Any first-time Derbyshire Centre ralliers attending your rally should be identified to the Committee member taking flag who will present them with a first-time rally plaque and a £5 gift voucher to encourage them to book a second rally.

John Strutt – Chairman, Caravan and Motorhome Club – Derbyshire Centre

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