Covid Rules from the Caravan and Motorhome Club for the Commencement of Rallying from 12th April 2021

13th April 2021

Covid Rules from the Caravan and Motorhome Club for the Commencement of Rallying from 12th April 2021  - Derbyshire Caravan Club News
From 12 April 2021 - Stage 2 of the roadmap
Please note that the UK Prime Minister has continued to urge caution with the relaxation of these measures, and there are currently no changes to social contact rules and many restrictions remain in place.
The next stage is planned for 17 May and there will be further communication as this stage is confirmed by the UK Government.
1Rallies can resume as a siting of outfits only, e.g. as a campsite, to comply with overnight stays and self-contained accommodation.
2There is no limit on the number of outfits permitted on a rally - the only regulations apply to members gathering outside, however, if a Centre feels more comfortable in being able to comply with the guidance by limiting the number of outfits, then the Club fully supports this decision.
3Rallies are to be run in England for residents of England, and there should be no travel to the other devolved Nations until we are advised.
4Rule of Six (or two households) applies to any outside gatherings; so ralliers are permitted to sit outside in groups which meet this rule. We do not recommend gatherings in awnings or gazebos at this stage. (Please do not compare rallies, which are classed as self-contained holidays, with pubs/restaurants and other hospitality venues. The government has made it very clear that the rules are different.)
5Covid Risk Assessments are still required to be submitted to the Governance Office, seven days prior to the start of the rally.
6There can be no social activities as part of the rally at this time (and this includes offering refreshments, raffles and plaques).
7There can be no mixing of households or bubbles inside, and this includes awnings and gazebos.
8Please note the Government’s guidance on sports events at this stage. Where the rules mention ‘organised’ sport, this means sport which is formally organised by a qualified instructor, club, national governing body, company or charity and follows sport-specific guidance. If the sport is not organised by one of these groups (for example, some friends having a kickabout) or the sport’s NGB guidance is not being followed (for example, a football club ignoring the FA’s guidance), this is considered to be ‘informal’ or ‘self-organised’ sport. Taking part in organised sport sometimes means that other restrictions such as legal gathering limits do not apply when taking part. This is because the organising body has considered the risks and set out ways to mitigate them so people can participate safely.
Informal or self-organised sport is not covered by any exemptions, and can only take place within the legal gathering limits which otherwise apply to social contact: in groups of up to 6 people, or 2 households including bubbles. This will apply to sport events on rallies at this stage of the roadmap.
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