Chairman's Message - November 2020

24th November 2020

Chairman's Message - November 2020 - Derbyshire Caravan Club News


The Chairman in 1962 when the Derbyshire Centre was founded.  Two piece suit with short trousers (not much has changed!) 

Your Chairman in 1962

It is a great honour to be the Chairman of the Derbyshire Centre for my third and final year. I would like to thank all the members who have come forward to serve on the committee during this time. We certainly have had some varied and unexpected events to contend with.

The current situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, in my view, will not be resolved soon and we will have to adapt our lifestyle so we can continue caravanning. As with other Centres we will push ahead with planning a full Rally programme for the coming year and adapt it to any new regulations which may occur. Your patience and understanding of this will be greatly appreciated. Members who wish to be Rally Marshals should contact the Rally Secretary.

It is heartening to know that some current committee members have indicated their intent to continue serving the Centre into it’s 60th year. Let’s hope that by 2022 we will be back to some kind of a normal lifestyle.

I can be contacted any time by members either by email or telephone 07796177473

Stay safe and well and positive in the coming year and I hope to see many of you on a Rally field somewhere in the future,

I look forward to seeing many of you over the coming months on a rally. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email if you have a question to ask regarding the Centre or just a natter about anything. Where is the venue of the picture above - answers by text message to;

John Strutt, Chairman. 07796177473