Divisions, Regions and Centres Newsletter

24th February 2020

Divisions, Regions and Centres Newsletter - Derbyshire Caravan Club News

Information from the Divisions, Regions and Centres Newsletter

  1. Our new Club Director

    Anthony Davies joined Club in January 2020 as the new Director of Sites and Accommodation.  Anthony is responsible for the Club's vast and prestigious site network, and the ever growing CL network.  

  2. 2019 Centre News 

    We are sorry to hear that two Centres went into hibernation at the end of 2019; Hereford and South Glamorgan.  Many thanks are sent to both Centre Committees for all their dedication and hard work.  We are also about to have a newly merged Centre in Scotland - both the East and West Centres have agreed on a merger, and a new Centre name will be announced shortly.  We wish the new Centre every success in 2020.  

  3. 2020 Rally Supplement

    Look out for the supplement with the February 2020 Club magazine, and a PDF will be available on the Club website.  

  4. Elsan Pits on rallies 

    This practice is no longer permitted by the Club.  Having consulted with the Executive Committee it has been noted that digging Elsan pits should no longer be necessary, and is not good practice for the environment.  As a Club we value our reputations and that of our Centres too.  This will be reflected in an update to Centre Guidance, which will be issued early in 2020.

  5. Do you have any amazing rally photos that you've taken over the festive season?  If so please share them with us by using - this link. You can submit your photos, and the Club will be able to use them in promotions.  Please include the hashtag #centrelife with your submission.  Remember to ensure you have permission if other people are visible in the picture.  Also if you have photos you wish to be published in Centre Lines in the Club Magazine, please send them to John Thynne (John.thynne@camc.com).  He is looking for some great content from Centres, and this is an opportunity for you to promote the past time that you love!  

  6. The Club Band

    The Club Band are currently looking for new recruits!  If you know anyone, young or old, who has a musical talent then please contact Ian Closes, Chairman, on camccbchairman@gmail.com for further information.  

  7. Member get Member offer

    The Club is currently offering an incentive to get new members.  For every member that you can recruit, you will receive £10 and the new member will receive £10 too.  For more information  click here.