Our regulations for rallying during the Coronavirus epidemic

2nd August 2020

Our regulations for rallying during the Coronavirus epidemic - Derbyshire Caravan Club News

Regulations for attending a rally during the Coronavirus epidemic

Rallying will begin again on 7th August 2020 at Uppertown Farm, Carsington under new Covid-19 regulations.

These new regulations are in place to minimise risks and to make rallying as safe as possible.  We will also revise our methods of payment for future rallies.

As this situation is on-going, the Committee will monitor and implement any new regulations when we receive them from the CAMC.

Prior to the start of a rally, the Marshals will email a broadsheet to rally attendees, which will include the current regulations.  We expect members to confirm to these regulations whilst on the rally.  A copy of the regulations will be displayed on the notice board during the rally.

HQ will advise Centres in due course how AGM’s will take place. Bonfire, Christmas and New Year rallies will be assessed when we receive relevant guidance.

Stay safe and well.  

John Strutt - Chairman - Derbyshire Centre - 07796 177473

Regulations for Rallies


  1. Do not attend a rally if any member of your family/household have shown any Covid-related signs in the past 14 days, or if you currently are experiencing any Covid-related symptoms, or if you have been in contact with a confirmed or suspected Covid patient, or if you are under self isolation orders
  2. If you come from a lockdown area do not attend a rally
  3. Where possible, travel direct to and from a rally
  4. Bring your own PPE to the rally
  5. Bring the correct amount of payment in a clear plastic bag.  Mark the bag with your name and membership number.  No change can be given. Cheques made payable to:- The Caravan Club Derbyshire Centre.
  6. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed near to the drinking water taps or Elsan
  7. Taps to be sanitised with the spray provided before and after use. Hands to be sanitised before and after using spray with the sanitiser provided.
  8. Observe and comply with all new signs displayed
  9. No visitors are allowed on the rally field
  10. No flag or social events to take place
  11. Observe current social distancing rules and stay 2 metres away from others at water and Elsan points
  12. Marshals' contact number will be displayed in case of emergency
  13. Plaques will not be distributed at the rally; these will be retained by the Chairman and distributed when the present situation is resolved
  14. Ralliers' contact details will be retained (securely) for 21 days after the event as required for Track and Trace purposes
  15. If any member of your party shows symptoms of COVID-19 at the Rally contact the Marshals immediately for advice